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Phillies Spring Training (Part 12) Phillies Split (Split-Squad) Games

6 Mar

Game 1 Vs. Rays
The Phillies split-squad game against the Rays was decided on a walk-off single by back-up catcher Joel Naughton. The Phillies tied it an inning earlier on a HR by Mike Rizzotti. The final score was 5-4 Phillies. Cliff was impressive in his 4 IP, he had 5 K’s. Ryan Howard recorded his 4th RBI on his 2nd HR of the Spring. Other solid performances were turned in by Ross Gload going 2 for 4, and Placido Polanco going 1 for 3 with a RBI. J.C. Romero and Scott Mathieson both recorded scoreless innings in the 8th and 9th.

RBI’s – RBI: Howard (4), Schneider (1), Polanco (3), Rizzotti (2), Naughton (1).

I will hand out awards for each Spring Training game based on mostly statistical categories. There will be 5 awards handed out to players who are normally regulars. (Most Valuable Player, Least Valuable Player, Most Valuable Pitcher, Least Valuable Pitcher, Players Who Helped/Hurt Chances of Making the Team)

Awards for Game
Most Valuable Player – Ryan Howard & Mike Rizzotti– These two big guys combined to go 3 for 4 each hitting a HR. Rizzotti’s HR tied the game in the 8th inning. For Howard it is nice to see his power and hope it sticks around for a while. Rizzotti is a young, Howard like first baseman who we could see down the line as the replacement for Ryan.

Least Valuable Player – Jimmy Rollins– He went 0 for 3 again with 1 runners left on base. He is batting .190 AVG this Spring and really has not done much with his playing time so far. As fans we look for his imporvement before the start of the regular season.

Most Valuable Pitcher – Cliff Lee– Lee pitched 4.0 shut down inning only allowing 2 hits and striking out 5. He faced 14 batter which is 2 above the minimum and he seems to be getting really close to his regular season shut-down form.

Least Valuable Pitcher – Eddie Bonine– His name has come up in these blogs twice so far both as a LVP. He pitched 2.0 IP allowing 3 runs toady on 3 hits. His current spring ERA is at 15.75, which as we all know will not get you a spot on the Opening Day Roster.

Players Who Helped/Hurt Chance at Roster Spot – With the news of Domonic Brown breaking his hand it opens up a spot on the team especially for an OF. Some people who will benefit from this is Delwyn Young (who I thought already should make the team), John Mayberry Jr., or even an extra infielder such as Josh Barfield, or Robb Quinlan. The only reason for an extra infielder is based on how hurt Chase Utley is. Scott Mathieson pitched 1.0 IP with a walk and a strikeout, allowing no hits.

Game 1 Boxscore

Game 2 Vs. Tigers
The Phillies lose to the Tigers on a walk-off single in the 9th. Kyle Kendrick was solid in his 3.0 IP as was David Herndon in his 2.0 IP. On offense John Mayberry Jr. got his 2nd HR of the spring and Wilson Valdez going 3 for 3. Also the Phillies received a hit from Carlos Ruiz

RBI’s – RBI: Mayberry (2).

Awards for Game
Most Valuable Player – Wilson Valdez– Valdez went 3 for 3 this game while playing CF and batting lead-off. If he can add OF to his repertoire he makes himself very useful and will provide him with more opportunities to play. SO far this Spring he is batting .533 AVG and has stolen a couple of bases. Very good production out of a bench player.

Least Valuable Player – Robb Quinlan– He went 0 for 3 in today’s game and is batting .111 AVG throughout the Spring. He is trying to prove to the Phillies that he is a useful player to keep on the big league roster, but so far he has done nothing to impress.

Most Valuable Pitcher – Kyle Kendrick– Kendrick got the start and went 3.0 IP allowing only 1 hit and striking out 1 batter. He is looking good so far this spring and is fit for a spot as the long reliever/spot starter for the Phillies coming out of camp. His competitor David Herndon also pitched well in this game.

Least Valuable Pitcher – Matt Anderson– He only recorded 1 out in the 9th inning while allowing 3 hits and letting the winning run score for the Tigers. He is a veteran pitcher trying to prove he is still worthy of a job in the Major League. Probably not a spot open for him on the Phillies.

Players Who Helped/Hurt Chance at Roster Spot – One player who I am really high on is John Mayberry Jr. I feel his right-handed bat could be a nice asset on the bench and allow options for those games when the Phillies face left-handed pitching all game long. He went 1 for 3 in the game with his 2nd HR of Spring Training.

Game 2 Boxscore


Phillies Spring Training (Part 7) Phillies Fall to Tigers

1 Mar

The Phillies took a loss today to the Detroit Tigers falling to 2-2 in Grapefruit League play. Cliff Lee made his Spring debut on the mound pitching 2.0 innings and allowing 2 earned runs on 1 hit, a walk, HBP, and 3 K’S. This line may not look that great but the runs were scored on a HBP then a triple, which scored the first run, and then a Sac fly to score the second. Ben Francisco continues to produce although he went 0 for 3 he did get his 5th RBI of the Spring. Most of the regulars went 3 at-bats. The only real stand-out again was that Domonic Brown went 0 for 3 with another multiple K game (2 K’s). Back-up catcher Brian Schneider went 2 for 3 on the day.

RBI’s – RBI: Rollins (1), Francisco, B (5).

I will hand out awards for each Spring Training game based on mostly statistical categories. There will be 5 awards handed out to players who are normally regulars. (Most Valuable Player, Least Valuable Player, Most Valuable Pitcher, Least Valuable Pitcher, Players Who Helped/Hurt Chances of Making the Team)

Awards for Game
Most Valuable Player – Shane Victorino– He went 1 for 2 with a walk hitting out of the 6th spot in the lineup a position where we should see him most of the year depending on how Jimmy Rollins produces at the top.

Least Valuable Player – Domonic Brown– Third straight day as LVP. He went 0 for 3 with 2 strikeouts. He is yet to record a hit this Spring and needs to turn it around quickly to prove he can help this team Opening Day. I know it is still early but he has the most AB’s on the team but still has no hits, that does not cut it.

Most Valuable Pitcher – Dan Meyer & Mike Zagurski– Both of these left-handed relievers are trying to prove their worth as a coveted lefty out of the bullpen. Today they proved their worth each going an inning and not allowing any hits. They both walked a batter so that is a negative, but both worked their innings run free.

Least Valuable Pitcher Eddie Bonine– He pitched 2.0 innings allowing 5 hits (including 1 HR) and 4 earned runs against his old team. Not a good outing when you are trying to prove you belong.

Players Who Helped/Hurt Chance at Roster Spot – The player who helped his roster chances the most was Delwyn Young once again. He is really making the most of his opportunity to win a bench spot. He went 1 for 1 today off the bench which would be his main role on the Opening Day roster. On the other hand Michael Martinez came off the bench today going 0 for 2 with 2 K’s and 3 men LOB. It is not looking good for the Rule 5 draft pick specially since Josh Barfield, another infielder has gone 4 for 5 with an .800 AVG this spring.


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