Next Stop Philadelphia!

7 Feb

After watching the Super Bowl yesterday and seeing Aaron Rodgers win it for the Green Bay Packers, I was thinking it could not have happened to a classier athlete. He waited his turn and when the time arrived he did nothing but capture it and led his team to a Super Bowl victory.

I also can not stop thinking about how we have two teams in the Flyers and the Phillies who are headed in the same direction as the Packers. With both the NHL season starting to get close to the end and Spring Training starting in about a week’s time it is an exciting time for Philadelphia.

The Phillies begin their season with a lot of hype and expectations to win the World Series next fall. With a rotation of R2C2 (Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Oswalt) it is hard to expect anything less than a championship. As long as the offense does not go stagnant, you should expect the Phillies competing untill the end.

With the Flyers sitting atop the Eastern Conference standings with a record of 35-13-5, they are in great position to clinch a playoff spot and secure home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs. Although home-ice is not that essential as they have a better road record, it is still nice to see those bright orange jerseys and the home crowd decked out in all orange.

In the Super Bowl yesterday Roger Staubach presented the Lombardi trophy to the commissioner, which I though was a good idea that the NHL should take up. I feel though that the legend should be from the team that won such as in the Flyers case like Bob Clarke or others from the Broad Street Bullies Stanley Cup winning team. Either way it would an amazing sight to see Mike Richards lift the Stanley Cup over his head in celebration.

Go Philly!



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