Who is the Phillies Right Fielder?

31 Jan

With the departure Jayson Werth there is a big debate on who will receive that playing time in right field. There are 4 potential replacements that come to mind as we near Spring Training:

Domonic Brown – He made his MLB Debut last season with the phillies and is one of the organization’s top prospects. He was the only untouchable when it came to acquiring Roy Halladay last year, and Cliff Lee two years ago. He struggled in his 62 At-Bats last year hitting for a .210 AVG. with 2 HR’s and 13 RBI’S and only 2 Stolen Bases. One negative about him is that he bat’s left-handed, which in a lineup of mostly lefties already it could turn ugly. Brown’s upside is his potential to be a great hitting RF with speed and the ability to play defense.

Ben Francisco – He got most of his playing time last year as a replacement for when Werth or Ibanez needed a day off. He has the potential though to become an everyday outfielder similar to how Werth made his way off the bench. Last season he hit .268 AVG. in 179 At-Bats. Hitting 6 HR’s with 28 RBI’S. One of the key stats that makes him a good candidate is that he hit .284 against left-handed pitchers, which will bring a balance to the lineup. He is also capable of playing quality defense and has speed on the base paths.

John Mayberry Jr. – He is definitely a longshot for grabbing the starting RF position, but he could be a quality right-handed hitting bench player if he is able to adjust to that role. He only got 12 AB’S last season but managed to get 4 hits for a .333 AVG. He provides versatility as he is capable of playing all 3 OF position’s and could be a good player in a platoon situation.

Aaron Rowand – He is an option that is still available through free agency. He may not be an everyday player still but could be a very effective outfielder as well as a great leader in the clubhouse. Last year with the Giants he hit .230 AVG in 331 AB’S. He hit 11 HR’S with 34 RBI’S. He is a great option to bring in as a bench player/platoon outfielder.

When I look at it as a whole there may not be a standout #1 starting RF, but there are plenty of candidates available to go with the hot hand or play percentages depending on the opposing starting pitcher. There is also a chance that Raul Ibanez continues to decline or break down. If that is the case the corner outfield positions for the Phillies could be a rotating circus of 4 OF’S based on matchup’s. The Phillies also have Ross Gload that they could throw into the every once in a while, but he is mainly just a bench player.

Pitcher’s and Catcher’s report to Clearwater in 14 Days, I am excited to see how the roster turns out for the start of the season!



2 Responses to “Who is the Phillies Right Fielder?”

  1. Brian Gottshall January 31, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    What about potentially signing Jermaine Dye? He has been overshadowed because he missed last year due to injury. He’s getting old, but would be a solid outfield solution.

    • srosportsblog January 31, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

      Yea, he would be a really good right handed bat to add, I did not realize he was still available. He also has the potential to have good power #’s specially at CBP.

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