76ers: A Definite Playoff Team?

28 Jan

The 76ers have won 5 of there last 7 games with the only losses coming on the road to Orlando and Charlotte, both games that could have been won losing by a combined 3 points. They are making strides to becoming a better overall team and currently sit in 7th place in the Eastern Conference Standings.

The Sixers schedule is extremely favorable to them down the stretch with 37 games left. 20 of the games will be at the Wells Fargo Center where they have a record of 14-7, and 17 of them on the road where there record is only 6-18.

Of the 37 games left on the schedule only 11 (only 4 on the road) of those games are against opponents that currently reside in the top 5 positions in each conference, teams like Orlando, Miami, Dallas, etc. The more favorable part of the schedule is the fact that of those 37 games 20 of them are against teams that if the playoffs started today they would not be playing. That makes up more than half of the remaining schedule (54%).

With this favorable schedule down the stretch, and just by running some numbers on current home and road record trends I predict that they will finish there last 37 games with a record of 24-13, finishing with a record of 44-38. If they are able to continue to play well at home and steal some games on the road they will finish above .500 and secure a playoff spot easily. As of right now on Hollinger’s playoff odds on espn.com the Sixers have a 71% chance of making the playoffs.

They are getting great play from their bench and have multiple guys that have the potential to step up and have a really good game. Evan Turner also seems to be gaining more and more confidence which could only lead to better things. The more this team plays as a team the better they will be and I believe Doug Collins is taking them in the right direction.



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